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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
Most of topics might be food though...
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Feb 10, 2011

Broken English

Near to One Girl Cookies, there is Italian restaurant named "Broken English".
I had checked the menu many times but I hadn't tried there yet.
But on Tuesday my friend Sachiko came to Bergen st station for her delivery cupcake topper.
So we tried there for the first time.
There were many attractive menus but we weren't that much hungry so we shared some appetizers.
Fresh ricotta tarte had honey on top so a bit too sweet for me but it was good with wine.
And salad, the dressing was nice:)
It's good to have nice cozy restaurant in neighborhood:)

And Sachiko gave me one of her daughter!!! Soooo cute!!!

Thank you so much Sachiko!!!

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