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Mar 26, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi at IFC center

Today finally I went to IFC Center to watch the movie "JIRO Dreams of Sushi".

It was documentary movie about Sushi chef Jiro.
But it was not only about him but about his sons, fish dealer, his employees and others...
That's why this movie became so interesting.
When I saw Tuna dealer who looked familiar to me, he was on the Japanese show "professional".
Many professionals, Shokunin were in this movie.
And show us how they work, how they feel about work, food and family.
I'm so glad to see this movie.
And I definitely recommend you to watch!! Who work for food, who do work, and who will work soon and of course food lovers!!

After that show I went to Blue Ribbon Sushi in my neighborhood which supposed to be good one.
(I went to their Manhattan restaurant and I really liked there so I just went there straight after the movie without thinking)
But even how much I was craving to sushi, I should've not gone there after this amazing show and watching the best sushi in the world.  I just expected too much and just disappointed what I had... haha
I'm sure in one month not after that movie, if I go to same sushi place, I would like there... But not tonight!! lol Looked good though... I feel bad for the people who work there... :(

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