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Oct 7, 2011

Connecting dots... by Mr. Steve Jobs

One of my friend shared this speech on mixi.
And I would love to share this with you too.

What he said to everyone, I could truly understand especially about connecting dots in your life.
These days many things started to connect in my life after I came to U.S.A.
Before I was always the person who think too much and can't move. 
Their is Japanese expression "tap and make sure it is safe before across the stone bridge" but I always tap too much and break bridge before I across... 
But when I decided to come to U.S. everything started to move.
And now I can see everything what I had and did before I come here is connecting one by one finally even I broke my bridge at that time. As he said I didn't know they would be connected in the future but they did. And when I decided to come here, I followed my heart for the first time. What I felt about NY, that was the truth. Already 2 years has past and sometimes I almost forget how much pain I had when I left NY from my one week trip to NY before I moved here. I couldn't move, even I couldn't drink water in the airplane to Japan. This speech reminded me my start point. 

I am lazy enough to do nothing on my day off sometime and I don't think this might be the last day in my life when I do something. And I don't have big dream or ambition. I don't have special ability. I don't have higher motivation than others. But someday if I could tell something with own experiences like him which can be remembered from even one person or can move someone's heart (for example my grand kids or someone), that might be my goal in my life:) I just thought this way when I listened what he said.


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