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Oct 12, 2011

Martha Stewart show

Yesterday I went to studio to see Martha Stewart show.
It was live show and we could get the front seat just in front of the kitchen.
This was the first time to go to TV studio in my life and it was so interesting to see how everyone was working. And also there was kitchen and they were preparing for the cooking part of the show. They made good smell of bacon and it made me so hungry. Also everything was for advertisement so to see how they make products attractive and how they appeal them was really interesting.
They trained us how to react for the show which was so American for me and it was so fun.
For example, just normal applause with "Yeahhhhh", when they show the picture of puppy "Ahhhhhh" and when they show something food "Ummmmm". When I was watching Full House when I was child, every audiences laughed at the same time so I was wondering why. But now I know why!!! lol
The studio was so pretty and it was fun to watch every single parts.
Also there was really strict dress code for audiences. And I didn't have any bright colored dress so I thought so hard to pick what I wear and I ended up to wear white shirt with purple scarf and denim pants though... but when I got to studio, I could know what was good for them. Other audiences were so bright with pink, purple, yellow, red and so on... My dresses are almost all black and other cloths were also simple so I had no choice anyway but now I know. But I wasn't on TV so there was no problem!!! :)
Anyway it was really fun and good experience for me. And Martha was nice!! :)
Thank you for joining me, Stefanie!!!

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