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Dec 28, 2011

Christmas in Philadelphia 2011

I had great Christmas this year.
I worked until Christmas eve afternoon and I went to Philadelphia by Bolt bus.
It only took 2 hours from NY and costs $25 for round trip!!
When I got there it was already 6pm but a good friend of my family picked me up and I joined her family Christmas. She was host sister of my mom when they were around 20 years old. And this was the third time to join their Christmas for me and now I feel they are my American family.
That night we went to church for Christmas math. I went to Catholic school in Japan so we sang Christmas songs so many times. So I was so excited to sing these Christmas songs. But when we sang Hallelujah I forgot mezzo part and I sang all the parts mixed... Maybe I did the same last year so for next year I have to practice it and remember the mezzo part again:) After that we had nice Christmas eve dinner and decorated the tree.
The Christmas day we made Apple pie and pumpkin pie. (I just helped her though) And had wonderful Christmas dinner with their family.
In Japan Christmas is for more couple thing than family thing. Maybe because we have new year for family. But after I moved here I feel how much Christmas is important for families. And fortunately I could join to this wonderful family's Christmas again. What a lucky I am to have such a family:)
Thank you so much, family "W"!!!

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