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Dec 18, 2011

"She Loves Me" at the Heights Players

Last night my friend Stefanie and Niko took me to the show "She Loves Me".
It was at the Heights Players in Brooklyn Heights.
It was small old church so if you didn't know it is the venue of musical, you never know that was the venue!!
Before they opened the venue, I went to restroom and there were many actresses changing their costumes and preparing for the show!! It was so fun to see them that much close.
When the venue was opened, we went to the basement of church and we seated chairs with numbers.
My seat was just behind of the table and chairs for the show. That was really interesting.
I think there were around 90 audiences and tickets were seemed like sold out.
When the show started, the band was just next to us and the actors and actresses were singing just in front of us. And they were so good. I've never seen and heard performance that much close in my life.
This made me goosebumps many times.
And the show was so fun too. When it started I didn't notice but it looked like original play of the movie "You got mail" (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan).
I really liked this movie so I was so excited when I noticed this is the original one!!
After the show when we left the venue, it was so cold outside but this experience made me so warm.
I enjoyed so much!!
If you have chance to come to Brooklyn and you like musical, you should try there!!
I heard they've been playing there so long and every time they have different shows.
And I don't think there is another place that can see the show that much close here!!
I like Broadway too but this is totally different experience and it can be as good as Broadway or better???
Just for you information, ticket was just $20!!

This was interesting!! They put this note on their entrance!!

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