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May 3, 2012

Eric Hutchinson concert at Highline Ballroom

Last night was the concert of Eric Hutchinson at Highline Ballroom.
Many years ago when I was still in Japan I got ticket of his concert once in Osaka but he cancelled it.
So this was the first time to see his concert....
But it was really fun!!!
The tickets were sold out that night so I went there early but most of people came around 8-9pm.
All ages from teenager to 50s I think.
The band who played before Eric was really good too.
First time I heard about Eric was from radio in Japan and I had been listening his first album so long time.
And a few weeks ago his second album just came out.
Most of audience knew almost all the lyrics and they were singing like his back musicians.
And some of them remember already new album too. It was so funny.
We danced, sang and laughed a lot.
What a nice evening. Concerts are always make my energy back. Thanks, Eric!!!

And I found they were using  i pad with their microphone...
Wow... this is interesting!! New era!! lol

And around 9pm Eric and his band came!

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