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Jun 14, 2012

Sweet, Sour, Savory: Talk with Eric Ripert & Christina Tosi

Last night I went to this event. 
When I hear about Chef Christina I always surprised how her pastries are unique.
I had no idea how her ideas come up. So I was so curious about how they talk about flavors.
And Chef Eric and Chef Christina had opposite childhoods and they both are in Food industry and succeeded. I enjoyed so much hearing their interesting experiences in France and in America.
What Chef Christina said was so American to me for example, her memorable childhood flavor was "cookies dough" which I've never had in Japan. And also she used to be picky eater and grew up with snacks and junk food. But after she grew up she tasted so many things for the first time. And that made difference how taste flavors from others. That was so interesting story.
Also what made me happy was both of them were talking about Japanese cuisine and ingredients a lot.
They started to talk about "Umami" and they ended with Ponzu and Miso.
Because of I'm in NY I can hear so many impression about Japanese food, flavor and culture from many people who is not Japanese. And always this makes me think about our culture again and I learn from them. And always make me happy to be Japanese.
So last night I could enjoy so much their talking from totally opposite back grounds in America and France  and opposite food they make savory and sweets and also I could get so much inspiration from them.

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