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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
Most of topics might be food though...
I hope you can enjoy:)

Jun 18, 2012

Mas (la grillad)

A few weeks ago I had a chance to go to Mas (la grilled) for lunch.

Mas (farmhouse)
was my favorite restaurant in NYC but they don't have lunch.
But they opened second location close to farmhouse and they have lunch!! And they have prix fix menu too!!!
I went there for Tuesday lunch so when we got there, there were only us in the restaurant. It was weird but I enjoyed it:)
The food was so good as I expected!! And my friend liked there too:)
That was nice lunch:) I can't wait to go back there soon:)

grilled octopus salad

beet salad

duck confit

soft shell crab 

carrot cake
(I'd never tried this much fancy carrot cake!! It was so good:)

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