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Jul 3, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Today I saw the movie "Moonrise Kingdom".
For long time my boss recommended me this movie and finally I could go.
She told me how amazing this movie was but I tried not to expect too much.
Because I sometimes have different opinion from others. When someone told me "You should see!!" And sometimes I had to disappoint even they liked them.
And what I thought and felt about this movie was....
So funny, weird, interesting, so cute and different!!! I don't know how explain what I felt. It was mixing of many feelings.
They just started their teenage life so they had so many cute things but at the same time maybe they knew more about life than me... I wish I had  their passion when I was those ages or maybe even now:)
And also I really liked the adults around those kids.
When the show over, there was warm applause in the theater. There were many audiences even it was on Monday 4pm... And I agree that everyone's reaction.

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