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Jul 24, 2012

Batman ~The Dark Knight Rises~

Today I saw this movie...
The movie which everyone talk about right now in US... Batman!!!

Actually I had never seen Batman till last month. I accidentally saw two movies of badman on TV and my roommates told me I saw the worst part. So last weekend I saw Batman Begins and Joker on Saturday night and Sunday night one by one and it was tense but I enjoyed them.
I'm not used to watching action movie much so the fighting scenes were too much and that made me feel dizzy. Also the story was complicated and some of them didn't speak English clearly so I needed to really concentrate and I got head ache too but it was worth watching.
And today one of my friends asked me to go to see the newest one in the movie theater so I did it!!
Most of people who I asked their preference of these three badman movies answered me that they liked Joker one.
But for me I liked this Dark Knight the best. I didn't cry with the others but this made me even cry!!
The violence is yes, it's still too much for me but when I talk about story, I really liked it.

And even on weekday there were so many people came to see it and the next show had long line to get in there too!! I knew super hero movies are so popular in US but this is more than I thought and now I also know why it's popular!!! :)

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