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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
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Jul 30, 2012

Peter Cincotti @ The Living Room NYC

I just got home from the show of Peter Cincotti tonight at The Living Room NYC.
Just two months ago I saw him at the other place but this time the venue was smaller than last time and Peter and his band looked more relaxed I think.
And this time he was playing actual piano not the electronic piano!! And I really liked it!!!
Last time I had so many things going on and his songs made me cry a lot but this time I could just enjoyed his music.
Also there was one boy who was next to me and he was really interesting. We talked a lot before the show and after the show he talked to the crew from NBC who were shooting his show. And he got the opportunity to go their interview to Peter this weekend!!! OMG, I wish I could go there too!! But I had work so I couldn't go anyway but sometimes I see the people who can make the chances by themselves and actually take these chances. And I thought he was one of them. Anything can be happened in NYC. And anything can be made happened in NYC!!! That is what I think these days. But for that you need to be positive and aggressive!!!
And after the show another band started playing so I stayed just for one song and left, then when I exit the venue there was Peter talking with other band member and a few people... so I just waited till he finished conversation and asked him to take picture together!! I thought this is so Japanese. So I told him but he said "Don't worry, that's fine:)" with smile... how nice he was... but for that I couldn't say anything but "Thank you"!!!! I was too tired to my brain work from waking up 4am this morning. And last time I talked him when I got his CD with autograph I could talk to him more even there were many people but this time, when he was just in front of me one by one, I was too nervous to talk how I like his music like teenager girl!!! That was embarrassing a little bit and on my way home I regret why I didn't talk to him more!! Writing here what I think or what I feel is so easy for me but when something like this happen, I always become mush shyer than usual!!! It wasn't language problem but just about my personality!!! I wish I could be like the boy who was next to me today:)
Anyway I enjoyed a lot tonight show as usual!!! thank you so much, Peter!!!

Actually I like this picture!! I'm so creepy girl!!! lol

How can you be this much same face, Peter?? 


  1. Really nice blog! Thanks a lot!
    Nice pictures! :)

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    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, please share it:) I'm glad to hear that!! :)

    2. Now it has been shared on our Blog, gonna post it on the forum as well! Thanks again!


    3. Thank you for sharing!! :)