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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
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Mar 24, 2013

Culture in Brooklyn

Finally I could go to "Culture" on 5th street last night.
I pass by here all the time for 2 years but I didn't have chance to try there.
Most of the time one cup of ice cream is too big for me so I tried kids size of strawberry frozen yogurt with coconut flake on top. Their special flavor for yesterday was "Cherry Almond"... I tasted it but it was so American flavor!! So interesting. But it was too funky for me... haha
Since it was busy day running around all day so it healed my throat. It was refreshing.
And my friend tried Oats mint cookie sandwiches. It was "huge"!!!
And what we found out was first, you taste their own flavor like strawberry or mint but later it turns to yogurt flavor. Because it's frozen yogurt... of course... :)
They had so many kinds of topping choices like red velvet, key lime pie, etc... Some of them were hard to imagine how they put them on the frozen yogurt. So if you try them let me know how it is!!! 
Even it was cold night in March, all the time there were almost 5 people. 
This is really popular shop in Park Slope!! I should come back here in summer time!!
冬ということもあって、(3月にしては気温はかなり寒め3℃ほどでした)スペシャルフレーバーはチェリーアーモンドのみでしたが、すべての味をテイスティングさせてくれるので、味見だけして、うーん、とってもアメリカン。。ということで、ストロベリー味を選びました。笑 友達はミントチョコ味のオートクッキーサンドイッチを食べていましたが、両方とも口に入れた最初にそのイチゴやミントのフレーバーが口に広がり、そのあとは、ヨーグルトの味になる。ということを発見。フローズンヨーグルトなんだから、当たり前かといいながらも、妙に納得でした。

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