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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
Most of topics might be food though...
I hope you can enjoy:)

Aug 22, 2012

Beach Volleyball and potluck party with One Girl Cookies family

Last night we had summer party with my coworkers.
We brought own dishes and played beach volleyball together.
All the food was so different and so good!! Everyone has different background so it's always interesting when we share our food.
And it was perfect night for volleyball. The weather was perfect, the view was perfect and people were perfect!! :)
And this volleyball court is just so amazing!!!

I made Chirashizushi!!

Huge sandwiches!!! 

several kinds of salads

Mary's special dip!!

Nidia's tacos!!

And this view!! 

And manhattan!!

And playing on the sand feels so good!!

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