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Aug 16, 2012

Yankees vs Rangers on 8.15.2012 at Yankee stadium

Last night I went to Yankee stadium to see the game of Yankees vs Rangers.
Before leaving home, it started raining so hard even thunder and hail.
But I left anyway to see chef Richard who was instructor of my cooking school at Atlantic Ave station.
But I waited at the station where he told me to wait for an hour he didn't show up. So I went out to check my cellphone because there was no signal. And there was a massage that tree fall down on the train truck and he was stuck in the train... because of that heavy rain and wind... I could imagine that. That was really bad rain... And of course, it takes so long to fix the problem on subway line here in NY. So I waited a little bit more and he arrived finally after 1.5 hours!!! We were planning to go to stadium much earlier to see practice before the game so even we waited that long we could get to the stadium at 7!! But when we got there, it was still raining not that hard but not shower. So the game didn't start even practice so we had to wait till they decide to play game that night... And what was interesting is everyone there was just eating, drinking whole time. It was quite surprising how much everyone can keep eating and drinking!!! I have no doubt that they made a lot of money from food and drink even it was raining!!! lol So we had enough time to explore in the stadium. And while that we saw so many people has Yankee mat made with Tatami. And when we asked where everyone got them, they told me that they were giving them everyone who got early to stadium. And one of guys who explained to us was Rangers fan. So he just gave it to me because he didn't want Yankee thing... lol How lucky I was!! And that tatami smell was so nostalgic for me... :) Love this smell!!
And after 1.5 hours they finally decided to play the game and started to prepare the field which was really interesting to watch. So for the result it was good. If we could get there smoothly without tree accident, we had to wait there 4 hours?? It's better to wait at different places a little by little... lol And suddenly all the field started to breath!! This moment was the best that night I guess!! Clearing all the sheets, dock the field, brush the ground... and players came out little by little. I really enjoyed watching this preparation. Our seats were 3rd row of left field which was really nice seats. I wish Ichiro played left last night though then I could see him just in front of me!!! I used to go to green stadium to see Orix Bluewave when Ichiro was still playing there when he was really young so still I feel so familiar to him.
Anyway so the game started at 9pm and the game was really close and fun!! There were a few home runs and nice plays. And Yankees won by 3-2 finally at midnight. At that moment I didn't remember how bad the rain was and how exhausted just waiting so long time. Just felt good. And when I took the train to go home, I saw many kids were sleeping on their parents' knees with Yankee cap and uniform. It was really cute but I was hoping they could sleep well that night. But for them it must be one of biggest adventures in their lives.... Taking subway after midnight after amazing Yankee game:)
Second Yankee stadium visit for me!!


TV camera was waiting too.

Ichiro everywhere!!

This was actually beautiful view!! 

Found "Suzuki Roll"!! But my guess is maybe a few years ago it was "Matsui Roll"... Isn't it right??

Others were Yankees Roll or something like that...
Where is Kuroda Roll??

Ichiro was tired too... 

For kids, it must be so hard to wait such a long time!!

Meat, meat, meat... there was long line to get their sandwiches!!

After 1.5 hours finally they started clear this sheet!! Yayyyyyy!!!

This was amazing view!!!


Nobody was warming up...

Just in front of us... there was brothers:)

Ichiro was so popular!!

Texas Rangers!!

I felt so bad for him, many Yankee fans talked to him bad way... Sorry Murphy 

Relaxing at bullpen 





  1. I'm happy to see him playing in Yankees because he looks happy.
    Ichiro was special in Seattle but is not in NY in a good way because Yankees has a lot of great players like Jeter.
    I like stadiums in the U.S. better than ones in Japan since I can feel much closer to the field at them in the U.S.

    1. I totally agree with you. Yes, we can see them playing from the same height which is really cool!!! But I also like Koshien stadium though!! I miss releasing balloons to the sky!! :)