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Aug 21, 2012

share space for working

Last night I had a French language class at hive at 55.
It was in the big building close to wall street.
I wasn't sure what they do but the information from the language school said I just need to go that address.
So I went there and opened the door.
There were many people working with their laptops. First I thought I mistook the place to go.
But when I asked the people who were there "I came here for French class but is this the right place?"
And there was one guy who was French and said "me??" It wasn't him but that place was share space for freelance workers. You can rent their space part time or full time with good price.
So I saw many people working there but actually they weren't working together but just sharing the space.
This reminded me the sharing space for studying in Japan mostly for high school students for studying entering universities.
I need kitchen to work obviously but this idea is really great.
Is there similar space in Japan too? Maybe there is. Just I didn't know though.
And also here in NY, it's easy to find share kitchen too. So these systems help a lot for small businesses.
And also after everyone left renting space for language school is another good idea!!
Making money and helping people!! Win-win!! :)


  1. That sort of share office seems to be getting popular in Japan, too.
    It is said people there can come up with some new idea from small talk with people who are in different companies.

    BTW, have you ever been to Montreal?
    1st language is French in there and it might be a good "live" lesson for you since it is not quite far from NY.

    1. Oh, so now it's popular in Japan too. Interesting!!
      And no, I haven't been there yet. Actually I was gonna go there for this vacation but I don't have friends there so instead of there I'm flying to Paris next week for one week vacation!! :) It's much closer from NY than from JP!!

    2. Hi, are you back from your trip yet? or still in France?

      I saw a movie named "The Intouchables" which is a French one.
      Have you seen it? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1675434/