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Dec 6, 2012

Step up to the plate, "Entre les Bras"

Tonight I went to see this documentary movie.
"Step up to the plate"
"Entre les Bras"
It was just so amazing!!! I enjoyed too much and I couldn't stop smiling after I saw this movie.
This is the story between father and son in the three stars restaurant.
Michel Bras
I've heard about how their food was amazing before and there is one of their restaurants in Japan too.
But when I see the process of how they create menu was so interesting.
And especially when they went to Japan and used all Japanese ingredients and made original plate, it was so funny!! I wasn't sure it tastes good or not... no I'm sure it tastes good but I couldn't imagine... but as Japanese I guess I want to have more the "french" food in French restaurant in Japan but whatever... It was amazing!!!
Their idea was just so unique. And they develop it a little by little.
Also the relationship between father and son, and grandson... all the family... it was so sweet.
And the view there was so amazing. Country side in France, food in the nature...
Ahhhh, I wish I could visit there someday.
This movie is highly recommended, of course for foodies but also for just everyone!!
When I heard about this movie, I thought it might be French version of "Jiro dreams of sushi" but theme was the same but it was different. If you see both of them you can see the difference of cultures, nationality too. So it might be more interesting to see both of them:) Which I did!! And I enjoyed a lot.
And luckily, there was one of producers too so it was fun to hear what was not in the screen:)

今晩、ミシェル ブラと息子セバスチャンのドキュメンタリー映画を見てきました。

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