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Dec 11, 2012

Jason Mraz concert at Madison Square Garden 12.10.2012

Last night I went to Madison Square Garden for the first time.
It was for Jason Mraz concert.
Last year I went his concert at Carnegie Hall but it was for children so it was different.
And I went his concert in Japan several times but now it's here in US and it's pretty awesome!!!
But I could see same his band members from Japan who I talked. It's been 5 years? but still playing with Jason!! That's amazing. But at the same time I missed Toca Rivera!!
It was rescheduled because of Sandy relief concert will be on 12.12 even though there were almost packed with people. And he sang both new songs and old songs that made me so happy.
And there were many old songs he did differently and they were pretty cool. Especially this song "Plane"
I found this on You Tube.
Also I found this. What he played last night. Cool!!!
It has been so busy at work and stressful so it was just what I needed the most!! And his message to everyone was so sweet and made everyone felt love. After his concert, all the audiences were so happy and smiled. So did I:)
I'm so glad to be there and now I got energy charged for rest of busy Christmas season!!


There was cotton candy seller with santa hats.  

This was cool!!! 

The percussion girl was playing his guitar with sticks!! 

And Colbie Caillat came and sang with him "Lucky".
I think this moment all the audiences excited the most. 

And of course... "I'm Yours"!!

There were many people taking videos and pictures. Which never allowed in Japan.

This picture was the best this night!! 

That was awesome concert, Jason and his band!!! Thank you so much!!! 

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