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Jul 30, 2013


In June, I lost one of my family members, Sheena.
She was 16 years and 8 months old.
It took for a while for me to talk about her after lost but now I'm ready to talk about her and I really want to.
I had always wanted to have dog in my childhood but I couldn't because we were moving a lot and also we were at apartment. But after many many years when I was 13 years old, finally my family got Sheena.
She was the one who was awake in her brothers and sisters when she was picked for my family.
That was the destiny. And she became a member of Katos.
First she had big ears folded, she was so shy and she never let us hold her long time even when she was a baby. And after a few months her one ear stood up, and a few weeks later other side of ear stood up too. She liked to walk around our neighborhood. When she run in the park, she controlled with her tail as handle. She could run fast and she liked to but she never liked to play with ball. She chase sometimes but she didn't bring it back to us. She liked to be in the sun. Sometimes I was worried of heat since her body was really hot. But she didn't care, just kept sleeping in the sun.
She had long legs and nice muscle on her chest. She was really beautiful dog even many people thought she was a boy.
She liked girls with school uniforms because of me, she liked cucumber, dikon radish, and rice.
She hated shampoo and something slide like skateboard.
She was always there for me and my family. Whenever I got home she was always at the entrance with waggling her tail. When her nose had some dirt, that means she hid something in the ground. Sometimes it was a piece of her treats, and one time it was Shimajiro doll of our neighbor boy.
When she hid something in the ground, she cover her favorite things so carefully with dirt with her nose. I really liked to see how she treated them. She was really unique girl. She made us laugh a lot.
I've missed her a lot after I moved here. And after her past away, I haven't gone back to Japan yet. So I'm not sure how I will feel to see our yard without her. And I miss her so bad and I will miss her.
But she had long healthy life. And she past away when my mom was playing music with niko.
I think that was the perfect for her to leave.
I was so lucky that you were the first dog I had in my life. Thank you for being there always.
I love you so much, Sheena!!
Rest in peace...:)


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