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Jul 16, 2013

Trip to Beacon

This weekend I had three days off!! Yay!!
I wanted to do something different so I went to Beacon for the first time to visit Dia Beacon museum.
I took metro north from Grand Central Station. Just taking different train in the nature was so relaxing.
The museum was a few minutes walk from the station. It was in the middle of no where. From the front I couldn't tell how bid it was but once I got in there, it was so spacious.
I really liked to be in that space. Just enjoy walking around, enjoy the arts, nature and also it was interesting to see the people there.
There were many families with babies. And babies were so interested in those arts. The arts there were so simple and for them it might be easy to feel them. It was really interesting to see how they enjoy arts there.
After the museum, I walked around. It was cute little town. There were some interesting shops. But it was on Monday some of them were closed unfortunately. I would love to go back there in different season. Maybe fall or spring!!


the view from the metro north

Dia Dia Dia Dia Dia....

Sunny day!!

huge space!!! 

Green everywhere!! 

Emergency Exit Only!!

Can you see my shadow?

Look Mommy!! 

Food at cafe was good!! 

Behind of museum

I found this church on the way to Main street from museum.

HOLY Shiitake!!! 

Oh nooooo!!

Chocolate shop

This is not for metro north... 

Cute cooking tool shop

Can you see the sign?
Closed today... 
"My niece is getting married today!! Open on Wednesday"
I thought it's cute:)

Even post office was cute.

It was too hot for everyone... 

Before getting on the train, I had to get large iced coffee but it was not enough though... 

Going back to city....

Opposite side of view from the way to Beacon...

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