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Nov 25, 2011

Jason Mraz at Carnegie Hall 2011

Last Friday night I found out Jason would be in NY this week and tried to find a ticket.
I always go his concert when he comes to Osaka but after I moved to NY I couldn't have chance to go to his concert because he was traveling around the world!!!
And finally I got that information but when I searched his ticket on internet they said $400 or $500!! If so I couldn't pay that much so I just went to website of Carnegie Hall that night and couldn't believe but they were all sold out 3 shows but the one seat!!! And I just bought that last ticket without thinking time or date.
After I purchased I found it was from 3 pm on 11/25. And after that I went back to the same Carnegie Hall website but I couldn't find any seat left there all 3 shows... it was really the last seat!!!!! What a lucky I am!!!
But the problem was that I always work until 3 pm on Friday. So I asked chef that I want to leave early but that day it was the day after Thanksgiving so there was less people than usual. So I was just hoping that it wouldn't be busy.... And it wasn't!!!
So I could leave work today early and could be there 30 min before.
And I found there were so many kids like my nephew. In the Carnegie Hall, many kids were running around and babies were crying. I thought it's weird so I asked one of audience in front of me why there were so many kids, and she told me that it's family show!!!
Wow I didn't know that. But sounds fun!!! :)

When the show started, Jason sang many songs for kids and also his songs too. I wish I could listen his songs more but still it was so fun to see his dancing spiders or making funny songs.
Also there were guests who seems like "Utano Oniisan and onesan" (=singing person on kids show in Japan). They seems really popular to kids.
AND there was one more guest who was a friend of Jason. He sang a song with Jason and he said how he was happy to be on the stage at Carnegie Hall, singing with Jason and singing in front of lots of audience.... and he asked Jason to let his girl friend dance with him on the stage. I thought it might be awkward but when she came on the stage...... " Will you marry me???"
I saw this kind of scene only in the movie and they did just in front of me on the stage of Carnegie Hall!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! That was nice moment....
But this all of family show things and this proposal thing made me feel like to have my own family too!!!
Does Jason need wife who graduated vegan cooking school?? lol

And what I was so happy to be there was I could see and listen his live "Rainbow Connection"!!!!!!!!!!
I was crying while he was singing it.
How peaceful his voice is.
It was really interesting experience to see Jason with many kids. And it was fun to see how they dance with his songs and enjoying this show.
And I'm hoping I will enjoy music with my family together in the future!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Jason!!!
And come to Japan sometime and do this family show again!! My brother had new baby last weekend and they should see you show too!!! :) And when I get my own family I will go to your family show!!! :)
I don't know when it will be though:) haha

Scary Jason!!!

They engaged on the stage!!

And I got set list of picture. I tried to get one but it was too late!!! :(
But I'm glad to find the guy who got this set list:)

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