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Nov 20, 2011

Raul Midon at Highline Ballroom

Last night I went to Raul Midon's concert at Highline Ballroom.
This was second time to go his concert and last time was at Blue Note.
Maybe because of the venue and audience, last time he sang songs but he didn't talk much.
But this time, he sang songs so beautifully, funny, energetic and also he explained how he made the song, how to practice his magic instruments, why he started music and so on. I didn't know he was such a funny guy.
And I went there by myself so I could seat front table so I could see him just in front of me.
And how his hands moved was just unbelievable!!! His hands were like magic. They moved faster than feather of bees!!! And he made sounds of trumpet, playing guitar with guitar sounds and bass sounds at the same time!! Or he sang or made sounds of trumpet, play the guitar and play the percussion at the same time!!! He is crazy!!!
And when his friends told him "You are genius." He said he told them "just practicing!!!" He's just amazing!!!
Also he performed piano for the first time on stage in his life!! How lucky I am to see it!!
He was a little bit nervous about it and it was different from guitar performance but he was amazing even with piano... I liked both his guitar and piano:) And of course singing.

And what I enjoy there every time is conversation with the person at the same table.
Last night I could have good time even waiting time because I could talk with someone who was at the same table. I always enjoy this new meeting.

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