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Jan 24, 2012

The Artist

Today on my day off, it was really nice weather outside.
I went to Angelika film theater to see "The Artist".
Now, many movie awards are talking about this movie and today this got nominated to Oscar Award for this year. And I also watched Golden Globe awards too and they won many awards.
"Is it that good?" That was my feeling before I saw.
I tried not to expect too much but when the show started...
That was so fun. It gave me many excitement a little by little in many way. I haven't seen silent movie for long time but this movie didn't need any voice. Not at all!!! And it made us in the film at once!!!
It was so different from other movie. It was so cute movie.
But this silent movie could be made because we experienced many movies with voices, sounds and many special effects. That's why it's special I think.
And the dog was sooooo cute, amazing and important!! I love it!!
Now I'm a big fan of you, Uggie!!!
Also music was great!!!! That made this movie perfect I think!!! I'm sure I will get a sound track CD!! (I'm not a download person yet... )
Sometimes, I get different impressions if I see movie in different languages but this one, you don't need to worry about it. Just enjoy this world of the artist!!!

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