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Jan 15, 2012

The Gowanus Art Fair in Brooklyn

Last night I had a chance to go to The Gowanus Art Fair close to my home.
I knew this event because a friend of mine who is studying acting in NY and he had play on the stage that night.
There were acting, photography, music, magic and many other arts.
What I like in NY is there are many events really artistic. And they welcome everyone even who is not artists or who doesn't know about art like me.
My friend Luca was on stage and he wasn't who I knew last night.
This was the first time to see him acting. Before he explained how he was working for getting different characters. And I imagined what he said and I thought I understood but I didn't. I like to see movies and I saw many characters and also I saw one person became many different characters in different movies but I didn't know them as a person. So it was different experience for me. Watching someone I know on the stage as different person... It was really interesting... And congrats for your stage, Luca!! That was awesome:)
Also I didn't know that venue even it was only one stop by subway from my home.
Gowanus Ballroom
I hadn't be there at night so I was surprised to see the view around there was quite awesome!!
I don't want to walk around there by myself if there is no event but because of that event there were many people so I felt safer than usual. And I left there early so everyone came there around that time. I'm so curious about what happened after I left. But still I enjoyed it enough:)

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