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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
Most of topics might be food though...
I hope you can enjoy:)

Jan 8, 2012

Sottocasa Pizzeria

Today I went to Sottocasa Pizzeria with my friends.
Sometimes I take 63 bus from Atlantic ave and Smith street. And in front of the station the new pizzeria has opened a few months ago.
I always wanted to go there but I didn't have chance but today, we just passed by and just went there!!
There is big oven in the restaurant and I liked the inside of restaurant.
Their name of special pizzas are someone's name but some of them were hard to pronounce for me...
Now I forgot how to pronounce what I had today already. But it was with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onion and anchovy. That was really interesting flavor for me but so good!!!

And when I was taking the pictures of food "as usual", I forgot what she said but my friend commented something about it so I told her "Of course I take pictures because I'm Japanese!!" then the couple who was sitting next to us laughed about what I said... it was funny.
I started to take pictures of food because I was interested in food. And I didn't think it's because I'm Japanese. But after I moved here, I knew that most of Japanese girls are taking pictures everywhere!!
So I had to accept this fact... lol
Sometimes there are moments that I realize how I am Japanese. And sometimes I am surprised by myself. This is what is important to live in other countries. And I love it!!! :)
Thank you Chandler and Alex for coming all the way to Brooklyn!!
It was so fun to talk with you two:) I wish we could stay a little bit longer there though.
Next time, I should search for the hours before, or going to Manhattan!!!

Crusts changed into.....


And .... cat?? 

I couldn't finish it so taking home:) 

This is oven!!!

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