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Jan 15, 2012

Good Restaurant in NY

I went to Good Restaurant last week.
When I told this my friends everyone asked me "And.... which restaurant?"
So.... The restaurant's name was "Good Restaurant!!"
It was really cute restaurant. My friend who went there together said that the outside and inside have different impression. And I agreed that. The outside seems like very casual restaurant but inside is fancier.
The food was good.
We ordered quick lunch course. So there were soup of the day, entree and cookie.
The soup of the day that day was black bean soup. It was really thick and filling. I thought it was like Japanese "zenzai" which is sweet azuki bean soup with rice cake. It wasn't sweet but the texture was like that which I like.
The entree, we could choose from salad, sandwiches and pasta. So I chose peanut chicken salad.
It was really big salad with deep fried chicken with peanut and panko crumb. I really liked this combination. And dressing was made with jalapeno. That was so good:)
And there were many desserts on the menu so I wanted to try but already there was cookie in this menu and the all of potion was really big so I couldn't try any of desserts. But the cookie was really crunchy and good too. It was not like American chewy chocolate chip cookies but the texture and taste like macaroon from country side of France not the Parisian one.
Also when I left there I asked if I can take pictures in the restaurant and the waiter told me "Daijobu!!" (means OK in Japanese) so I asked him if he speaks Japanese and he said yes. Actually his Japanese was pretty good. And he told me that he used to work at Tokyo Disney Land for a few years.
Sometimes I see someone who had experiences to live in Japan and everyone has different job in Japan so it's so interesting for me how they worked in Japan as non-Japanese.
Anyway I'd love to go back there sometime soon:)
"Good Restaurant" was good actually:)


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