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Feb 22, 2012

The Chew at ABC studio

Yesterday I went to ABC studio to see the shooting of cooking show "The Chew".
It was not the live show so everyone was enjoying the show even their staffs I think.
The one of host and chef Carla was dancing around the studio and the guy who is comedian and warming up person for audience made fun of everything and made us laugh a lot.
Also we took several kinds of applause before the show started. Loud one, medium one, and the last one was first we laugh out loud and after applaud loud.
The show was so relaxed, fun and yummy cooking show.
The theme was "Fast food" and it was so American!!
All the smell made me so starving and after the show I got Sliders for my late lunch.
I went to Martha Stewart show last time but the audience, staff, atmosphere, everything was different.
Martha show was live maybe that's why but everyone was so tense. But this time, I could tell everyone was enjoying the show. And audience was different. At Martha show they were wearing so colorful clothes and more people came to studio from out of NYC. But this show was more casual I think. Which I like better:)
And our seats were just in front of one of cooking stations so I could see how staff prepare food while the hosts were cooking on the other station. And they moved to this station and put them together and finish the plates. It was really interesting.
The show will be on air on February 26th next Monday. I can't wait to see the show on TV again!! :)

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