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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
Most of topics might be food though...
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Feb 10, 2012


Today from the morning I didn't feel well. 
I have been thinking too many things these days and I miss home so much at the same time.
So when I woke up this morning, I didn't want to go work. But I needed of course. So I just woke up and prepared what I always do. When I left home, Chase who is my roommates' cat came to me and said "Itterasshai"(It's like "good bye", "Good luck" or "Take care" ... can be anything... lol)  to me. That made me feel better. And when I went outside, it was chilly and there was still big moon in the sky.
I just talked myself "Be strong!!", "Come on, Ayumi!!" and tried to cheer me up.
It was really busy day more than I expected and a few irregular things happened too.
So my feeling went down and down. Usually when it's that busy I don't take a break but today maybe I looked tired so head chef told me to take a break. And I did with oat meal which my co-worker made for me. That was really sweet and warm. And I realized that now it's so busy for everyone not only for me. 
And working with negative feeling doesn't solve anything. The amount of work doesn't change. So 
I should work with smile as usual!! And at that moment I could change my mind. 
I hadn't felt down much after I started this job so I didn't think about it before. But when I think about everyone who is working there. Always everyone has good smile. That's why I didn't need to feel down before. So I thank everyone for smiling everyday:) This was important day for me to realize very basic thing but important thing in my life.
Now I feel much better. Tomorrow, I need to start work early but I will rest tonight and will be ready for that. And I will smile back to everyone with my feeling of thank them all:) 


  1. 笑う門には福きたる!じゃないですけど、コルドン時代はいつも笑顔でいらっしゃるイメージがありました^^

  2. ちづさんって生徒さんだった石田ちづさん??違ったらごめんなさい。覚えていてくれてうれしいです!!そしてブログチェックしてくれて!!

  3. そうですー!!こちらこそフルネームで名前覚えて下さってうれしいです^^実 はかなり以前から拝読してます!フェイスックで、ゆきさんと繋がっていて、こちらにたどり着いたのだったかな。がんばってらっしゃるのですね。わたしは昨夏に製造から事務に戻ってしまいました。

  4. そうだったんですね〜!!ありがとうございます!!事務所で働いてたのに、なぜか、今は私がキッチンに。。。けれど、全くフレンチでもなんでもないので、それが返って、新鮮でよかったのかも。確かに朝も早いし、体力的にきついですが、パソコン毎日見たり、営業で外回りしたりの方が、いろんな意味でばててた気がします。でも、日本での現場はもっと大変そう。。。またお会いしたいですね〜!!仕事抜きで!!笑