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Feb 8, 2012

Rouge Tomate 2012

Yesterday finally I could go to Rouge Tomate for this restaurant week!!
I love this place but it's pricy for me so I always wait for restaurant week.
So this was 4th time to come here but still sooooo good!!!
I had really high expectation but they never make me disappointed.
The soup had salty dried meat, nuts, and sweet pear.
Why they can play with these flavor and texture that good??
Curry one also had really good broth and perfect cooked fish and many veggies.
About dessert, last time I had chocolate cake and it was heavy for me so this time, I chose ice cream and this was perfect to finish this meal!! So refreshing!!
I wanted to try all the menu!! But unfortunately the restaurant week will be over soon!!
I have to wait until next one.... Haha:)

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