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Feb 29, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes in SOHO

Yesterday I went to Georgetown Cupcakes in SOHO which has been opened recently.
They had so many kinds of flavors and it was hard to choose one or two.
This time I chose "Big Apple Crumble" and "Red Velvet".
Big Apple Crumble had real apple in the cake and butter cream had cinnamon flavor with crumb topping. Which was interesting but it was way too sweet for me.
Red Velvet was the most popular flavor they told me so I tried. The butter cream was much better than apple one. So I could tell it's popular there. And while I was there, many people got Red Velvet too.
I always impress how Red Velvet is popular here in US.
But after that my friend who is working close to there told me their "Strawberry" is really good.
So I should try it next time.
It's so fun to see other bakery sometimes. It's fun to see the people work there, customers and difference of our shop. For example they had really interesting system in the counter.
Also I found the fact that Asian girls always used folks to eat cupcakes!! haha That was funny!! :)

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