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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
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Feb 5, 2013


Today finally I could try Nobu for the first time.
I heard many things about here and most of Japanese didn't like here and most American liked here from what I heard...
And what I thought was... There was nothing "wow" effect. Most of them were simple and menu has no surprising but taste was good.
The arctic char that I had today was simple but that rare cooking was perfect!! And the dessert Dulce de leche  flan with kinako cookie was so good!!  They said there is Kuromitsu syrup on top but the flan itself was too sweet to taste Kuromitsu though...
But the sushi was ok... the sushi rice was a bit too mushy that was one thing disappointed. 
Maybe if I go there when they don't have restaurant week it might be different. Maybe better and more surprising but not this time.  I'm not sure when I will go back there because it's fancy place but I would love to try again as fancy dinner someday. 

私が頼んだarctic charは(北極イワナ?)は味や盛りつけこそシンプルでしたが、お魚の火の通り加減が絶妙でした。またデザートもドルチェデレチェ(キャラメル味)のフランでしたが、とってもシンプルで、おいしかったです。黒蜜がかかってると言われましたが、それはフランが甘すぎて、わかりませんでしたが。。。

Rock shrimp tempura

Sashimi salad

Arctic char


Dulce de leche flan

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