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Sep 7, 2012

Paris Day 2

Second day in Paris.
I just left apt with no plan. And walked around neighborhood and found market.

Then had breakfast at Paul.

This was music street I guess. Many shops were selling or fixing instruments.

Guitar, guitar and guitar!!

A l'ettolle d'Or
My friend recommended me to come here but they had summer vacation till the day before so the shop was almost empty unfortunately.... So just pictures... lol

Moulin Rouge was much smaller than I thought!!

He was working for rental bicycle. 
Brought many bicycles from somewhere and put back them...
Maybe it was on the hill so everyone ride bicycles down and no one ride back here... lol

Most dogs were so polite!!


There were many accordion players.

Look this green!!

I wanna be a bird!!

I liked this apartment!!

Oh, France!! lol

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

This view reminded me Kobe in Japan.

There were so many contrails in the sky.


It was cute shop.
When I asked direction to one girl, she was eating their choux and it looked so cute. So I asked where she got it. And I could come here!! When I lost in Paris always I found something new!! 

Brother and sister at the park. They were so friendly!!

And the place I really wanted to go was closed until my leaving day... :( Next time, next time...

Subway!! It became cleaner and more convenient than 5 years ago I guess.

And this afternoon my friend took me many pastry shops.


Un demanche a Paris
This was really cute shop. Look at this ceiling!!
And neighborhood was really nice too. Odeon.

And Jardin du Luxembourg...
I could stay there forever!!! 

Of course someone is taking care of this garden!!! I have no idea how much work they have!!!

Even convenient store had sushi!!!

And many kinds of cheese and wine to try at Seine with friends!!

Cruise ship past us.

with this beautiful view!!

This was amazing night!! :) 
Thank you everyone!! 

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