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Sep 8, 2012

Paris Day 5

This was charcuterie of neighborhood. 

 In the morning roasting chicken and potatoes. And Potatoes get the juice of chicken. What a nice idea!!! 

And this one is other place. On my way to Louvre museum I found market close there.
This pan was so big!!!

It's nice to have whole fish!!

And veggies..


And I have allergy of plum these days but this plum was totally ok for me!!
And I really liked it!!

And of course cheese...

So this was my breakfast at Jardin des Tuileries.
Yogurt from cheese shop in the market and pain aux abricots from bakery in neighborhood. 

And when I was having breakfast, something moved in my sight...
And I found there were two goats just in front of me!! What are they doing??
After trim the grass, they will eat and clean?? 

Anyway, the weather was perfect!!

And finally came to Louvre museum.
5 years ago, I tried to came here twice.
And when I got in there I only see furnitures, dishes and dresses so I asked where is pictures?? And they told me, this is "Musee des Arts Decoratifs" so there is no pictures... 
That's why I couldn't go Louvre last time. But it was really fun museum for me so that was good surprising!!
But this time, finally I made it!!

Suddenly it's get crowded... 

This is why...

So many people were taking pictures!!

I really liked this exhibition!!

 Playing soccer at Louvre!! 

And everyone was carrying Nintendo DS... lol

I really liked the sky in Paris. 

I was so hungry after walking in the museum so I chose really small cute restaurant close to Laduree.

I think she was the owner.

And I found cute florist.

 And one of bridge on Seine.

And came back to Louvre to see my friend from high school in Japan.

 And went to Angelina together.
Because many friends told me about their Mont Blanc so I ordered it...
But it wasn't my favorite... :( 

She's traveling around world right now. And she visited NY too so it was second time to see her outside of Japan. It was good to see you, Aya!! Safe rest of trip!!

And we joined my friends aperitif. 
It was nice meeting you, everyone!! 

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