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Sep 8, 2012

Paris Day 4

When I was walking around Bastille I found this cute shop... All they have were my taste!! 
I wanted to buy whole shop!!! lol
Virginie Monroe

And for lunch I went here close to Republic which my friends recommended me.
Le Verre Vole 

I chose fish from plat du jour.
It was monkfish.
But I couldn't tell which fish it was because I had monkfish just a few times in my life.
But when I looked at kitchen there was one Asian guy was working. So I asked he was Japanese of not and he was Japanese. So I asked the name of fish.
It's always nice to talk with someone who is working outside of Japan especially in the kitchen.
He told me how he get visa there or how liked there.
It was really interesting.

There were many neighbors having lunch.

It was nice meeting you, Taka-san!!

And when I was walking around this neighborhood, I felt I was walking Rokko (Kobe) in Japan.
It was really funny feeling.


Also I found many TOTORO!!! 

And I came to 
La patisserie des reves
Which opened shop in Japan too.
When I was taking pictures one customer asked me whey I was taking pictures even I can see them in their website. I didn't think about it actually. But the pictures in website might be changed. So I wanted to leave what I saw here in my camera:) That's my answer!!

The box was really cute!! BUT... you'll find what I thought after I opened this box!! 

Tennis courts in Jardin du Luxembourg...
How nice if I could play tennis there!!! 

And kids were riding horses!!

Everyone looked a little bit nervous.

Many kids were playing with boats. 
I was wondering why everyone has own boats but after that I found the place renting boat by hour.

And this is the inside of that box.
Ummmm, interesting. 
If I were the owner. I prefer to use just regular boxes!! lol

Relaxing in the Luxembourg garden was amazing!!

Haruki Murakami everywhere!! I need to read 1Q84 third one but in French? noooo...

I ordered Cafe au lait and I got this one...

Look this size of beer!! Bigger than American?? 

Arc de Triomphe

Can you guess what here is?? I had no idea what it was but I smelled something familiar....
And the answer is... Abercrombie & Fitch... lol
Yes, of course there were nice looking boys at the gate. And there was long line like 5th Ave in NY.

And Laduree!!

It was temporally shop. Because the real shop was under construction for renovation.

And I tried Japanese food in Paris to show my friend some Japanese culture.
Exchanging cultures is always fun!!

They were pretty good!! 
It was Friday night so there was long line when we left there. 
I'm happy that even in Paris Japanese food is popular!! 

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