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Sep 8, 2012

Paris Day 3

So it's already third day.
In the morning I was checking internet and planning what I was gonna do on the bed.
And I received email from the cooking school which I applied for this trip.
It was only fixed plan in this trip and it was Friday 9:30-2:00 I believed.
But when I checked email they said "Ayumi, market tour has been started. We hope you will make it."
First I couldn't understand my situation... it took for a few minutes to figure out.
And I found out my class which I applied a week ago was on Thursday 9:30 at Bastille Market.
I told everyone that I was going to take the market tour and cooking class on Friday!! And I believed so.
I prepared even map where I supposed to see them and also school but I just changed my cloth and run to the station without taking any map. I knew already about the subway connection so I could be at the market in 30 min. And running around the market and tried to the group from the school. And fortunately I could join them soon. I'm the one who always be at the place I should be 5 minutes before as most of Japanese but I was late more than 30 minutes there like French... lol
But I was so glad that they emailed me and I was still at apartment. If not I didn't have wifi so I missed whole class and even I didn't know I missed... 
But I could enjoy rest of market tour and cooking class so that was not the worst thing for me.

At Marche Bastille 
 Cheese cheese cheese!!
 depends on how aged, the cheese shrink and get harder.

More cheese!!

After we left market we went to the school 
La Cuisine Paris

It was cinnamon basil if I remember right.

Everyone enjoyed cooking!!
There were many interesting people from everywhere in the world!!

Can you guess what is this purple leaves??

It was "shiso"!!! 
I love shiso flavor but I only used it with Japanese food. 
So it was interesting to use it with olive oil and garlic.
But the flavor was less than Japanese one so it matched well.

young artichoke

simple salad

this creme fraiche was so good even we didn't add any sugar or other flavors.

Thank you, chef!!

After cooking class I went to cute cafe which I found a day before.
It's just in front of Seine and close to hotel de ville.
La Cafeotheque

The cafe spaces where divided into 3 or 4 and each room had different atmosphere.

They sell coffee beans too.

Then I went to this place.
E. Dehillerin
They had every kitchen tools.
I got some baking molds there. It was 1/2 price from US and 1/4 price from Japan I guess.

After that I caught first rain in Paris... But it didn't last long.

Ahhhh, that was nice. I don't know them but I was happy for them that rain stopped finally!!

Clouds moved so fast.

Could see Eiffel tower.

And Arc de Triomphe from La Defence.

La Defence was still improving.
But it was like Tokyo.

At fnac.
Many pastry kits.


Even sushi kits.

And of course NY!!

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