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Nov 16, 2012

After Sandy at One Girl Cookies

More than two weeks has past after Sandy.
Where I live was totally fine then. I didn't lose even power.
But one of our shops in Dumbo got flooded badly. The first day I saw Dawn after Sandy she said "Dumbo shop can't open for a while to fix but still there are many people with worse situation. So we are lucky to be safe." When I heard this from her, I thought how strong she was. And I'd been respecting her since I started work there but  I respected more!!!
For us, 2 days after Sandy we started to work as usual. And even we didn't have Dumbo stuff but still our holiday special orders started so we were so busy and didn't think about much how we got damaged in Dumbo. Fortunately we reopened Dumbo shop last weekend but still there were many things to be fixed.
I haven't visited there after Sandy but when I saw this video, I was so sad to see our new whop looked like this.
And let me share this website too.
Now really holiday season has come, I hope we can blow away all the sandy damage with this shiny season!!


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