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I'm gonna share my and our experiences in NY as Japanese from today. For me life in NY is so much fun!! Many things are different from Japan and many things are the same... lol
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Nov 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Last week there was Thanksgiving day.
Last year after I got home I was so tired and stayed home. But this year I went to my friends' party after work...

For the dinner I made sautéed brussels sprouts and leek and sweet potato.
I didn't know "sweet potato" is Japanese thing but it was!!
Everyone didn't know about what it was. Interesting!!

After I moved here, I had 3 thanksgivings but it was my first time to have whole turkey!! It was so exciting for me:) Everyone brought dishes and all were so Thanksgiving and all so good!!!
We had so much food and ate a lot.
And "turkey makes you sleepy" was so true!! (tryptophan effect) After big meal of turkey and busy work I was so sleepy after dinner... I'm glad my home was close to my friend's house... :)
Eating, drinking, talking and laughing with amazing people is the best thing to do on Thanksgiving!!
Thank you so much everyone for joining me that night!! :)

ターキーがまるまる一匹食卓に上るのは始めてだったので、それはそれは盛り上がりました。それぞれがサラダやマッシュポテト、パイなどを持ち寄ったこともあり、テーブルは食べ物でいっぱい。そしてそれぞれにすべてとってもおいしく、ついつい食べ過ぎてしまいました。 ターキーを食べると眠くなると言われています(トリプトファンのせい)が、それは本当で、みんなで大きなお腹をさすりながら、残りの時間をまったりと過ごしました。

sweet potato


Roasted veggies

maple glaze carrots and cranberry sauce  

wild rice salad and pomegranate and nuts salad

Food is everywhere!! 

Checking how to carve the turkey!!

I think I took all of savory at once!! 

And I finished!! 

Then two kinds of pies!! 

And finished... lol 

And more wine!!! 

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