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Nov 16, 2012

Dassara Ramen in Carroll Garden Brooklyn

Today after work I just walked down on Smith st. to find something to eat.
It was cold day and I was exhausted from crazy busy work.
And I decided to try new ramen restaurant in Carroll Garden.
Before it was the restaurant called Chestnuts and I liked there.
So I was sad to see they were gone. But after a few months I found the word "ダツサラ" on the wall there. And I laughed so hard and was wondering why there was "ダツサラ"!!!
"ダツサラ" is the word "quitting business man" in Japanese.
I remember that I took this picture and put on facebook just for laughing.
And now the new Ramen restaurant called Dassara "ダッサラ" has been opened!!
So today went there to see how their ramen is dassara!!
First, on all the tables, there were tea cup of Sumo wrestlers... and I checked there is Hakuho too. So it means they are all pretty new cups!! lol
And checked menu. They have not only ramen noodle but some Korean pancake or matzo balls...
And I only ordered Chicken ramen the most simple one.
And the ramen was ... really interesting.
When I tasted soup first, I got something strong spice flavor. It was the same flavor from the soup that my roommate made before... chinese soup with many spices. And I tried to figure out what they are... and my guess is Anise.. if not I'm sorry!!! But that's why it was not ramen noodle that I know!!
And that is not I'm saying I was disappointed but I was surprised and I liked it!!
If you want Japanese noodle, then it's not the place you should go but if you just want to try new things and try ramen noodle, then I recommend you:) It's just different...
Oh and for your information!! They have restroom with Toto wash-let!! haha
It's important info, right?

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