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Nov 11, 2012

Natural Gourmet Institute 35th year anniversary

Last Friday I went to the 35th year anniversary party at Natural Gourmet Institute.
Natural Gourmet Institute
I graduated there 2.5 years ago.
I moved to NYC for this cooking school and had no idea how long I would stay.
But this day, I went back to school to celebrate their 35th anniversary.
I haven't gone back there for long time but when I got there I could go back the time I was there.
When I was there, my English was worse than now and had to make effort so much to keep up with all the classes. But all the classmates and chefs were so nice to me and I really enjoyed studying there.
When I went into the one room where we had graduation party. I remember that when I had speech there I couldn't stop crying. My mom was there from Japan and I remember that I said to everyone "It's hard to say since here is my mom from Japan but I want to stay in NYC!!!" And at that time I had no idea I could stay here but after almost 3 years and I'm still in NYC.
Now I'm so busy at work and I didn't have much time to go back to past but this place was my start point of life in NYC. And I had hard time sometimes but I survived. I was so glad to go back there in this timing. And enjoyed party a lot!!
Also there was my friend Sachiko who graduated NGI before me and she brought tons of cupcake toppers!!
That was the biggest hit in entire night!!

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