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Nov 11, 2012

Good & Evil Chocolate by Eclat

On November 8th, I went to ardesia to celebrate the debut of Good & Evil chocolate.
This chocolate is made by Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain and Christopher Curtin from Eclat.
I had no idea how it tastes before but it was so good chocolate!! Not too sweet and can get cocoa flavor as much as possible. More bite makes more flavors. 
It was interesting experience!! And I tried more chocolates from Eclat but they were all so good!! And my favorite was beer chocolate.. it was amazing!!!
Eclat is the chocolatier in West Chester, PA.
Thank you so much Chef Chris for inviting me!!! It was really amazing night!!!
11月8日の夜、マンハッタンにあるバーArdesiaでGood & Evilチョコレート発売記念パーティーが開かれました。このチョコレートはペンシルバニアのウェストチェスターにあるEclatというお店のクリスシェフと、Le Bernardin のエリックシェフ、そして、No Reservationなどでおなじみのアンソニーボーデンのコラボチョコ。

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